Sexual Identity Issues

Bridges to Recovery offers compassionate, comprehensive treatment for people struggling with sexual identity issues. Clients from around the world seek out our program as a safe space to process the deep psychological distress caused by conflicted sexual identity, and find relief from pain while working toward self-discovery. Our highly trained clinicians have the expertise, compassion, and multicultural perspective necessary to provide meaningful, non-judgemental support as you explore the internal and external barriers to self-acceptance. Using an innovative mix of individual psychotherapy, group therapy, and holistic therapies, we guide you towards enhanced self-awareness, tranquility, and confidence in your identity.

From Alienation to Acceptance

Social, cultural, and religious stigma and marginalization of LGBTQ people can interfere with your ability to fully understand and accept your sexual identity, causing profound emotional distress and alienating you from your authentic self. This is particularly true in highly repressive environments where being gay, bisexual, or transgender may lead to ostracization, fractured social relationships, and even legal prosecution. The struggle to reconcile your internal desires with your larger social environment may cause you to hide your identity, a painful denial of your true self that can contribute to serious depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Not being able to express yourself in an honest way and feel accepted by loved ones is deeply disorienting and isolating, and in some cases even leads to thoughts of self-harm and suicide.

At Bridges to Recovery, we provide a safe space to investigate your sexual identity issues in a welcoming environment free from shame and judgment. Through a variety of therapeutic practices, you gain the insight to understand yourself, your experiences, and your desires with the support of empathetic professionals and understanding peers. Together, we can identify and break down the internal obstacles standing in your way of an authentic life, and develop strategies for coping with socio-cultural barriers. We invite you to involve your loved ones in your treatment process and offer optional Family and Couples Counseling to start a dialogue with those closest to you, and begin to resolve the interpersonal conflicts related to your sexual identity issues with the supportive mediation of our experienced clinicians. We are committed to helping you accept yourself and fortify your inner resources to create psychological well-being, emotional fulfillment, and the ability to live honestly.