Day at Bridges to Recovery

We have designed our program to make your stay at Bridges to Recovery as engaging and purposeful as possible. Days are structured to include the best combination of therapies available to help you recover, and are paced to allow for intensity of treatment balanced by time for private reflection and restorative relaxation.


The morning starts with a home-cooked breakfast prepared by our private chefs to energize you for the day ahead. After breakfast, treatment begins with individual psychotherapy sessions, along with other treatment modalities such as Somatic Experiencing and EMDR as indicated by your individual treatment plan. This is followed by group therapy sessions that have been tailored to your needs. Between sessions, our chefs serve a delicious lunch to replenish you, and breaks are built in throughout the day.


In the evening you participate in holistic therapies such as meditation, drumming, and yoga, which can be followed up by acupuncture or massage after dinner. These therapies are designed to encourage relaxation after the intensive treatment day, as well as offer their own therapeutic benefits. 12-step recovery and other peer-support groups are available for those who need them as well. Afterwards, you have free time for journaling, contemplation, and introspection before turning in for a night of restful sleep.


Weekends include more extensive leisure time to allow you to decompress and integrate your week of therapeutic work. We also offer group activities that may include hiking, fitness, movie nights, and cultural outings attended by staff. Because we recognize the importance of family involvement, we encourage weekend visits from loved ones.

We provide Wi-Fi and allow you to use your phone, laptop, or other mobile devices (outside normal treatment hours) to stay in contact with family and friends throughout your stay at Bridges to Recovery.

Please contact us for more details about how we can help you or your loved one. We are always available to answer questions or guide you through the admissions process.