In Their Own Words

Since 2002, Bridges to Recovery has been a safe place to heal for hundreds of people from around the world suffering with mental health disorders. We believe the best evidence of our success is found in the voices of those whose lives have been changed forever by their time with us.


This past year has been one of the best of my life. I feel like I can accomplish anything.


I came to Bridges depressed, angry, and scared. After settling in, I realized that I was in exactly the place I needed to be.


Bridges has given me a second chance at life. You will grow here.


My addiction and anxiety were taking over my life and I knew that I had to make a change.


By the time my family helped me check into Bridges, I was wreck in every sense of the word. Now, those days seem long ago.


Having a consistent team of doctors and therapists for my entire time at Bridges was so comforting.


The treatment at Bridges was incredible. I left six weeks later hopeful, thankful, and ready to get back to living.


I went to Bridges out of desperation, but not expecting much. I left feeling confident in my ability to be with other people.


I had been hiding a secret for so long. My first phone call to Bridges is the first time I ever told anybody what had happened to me.


We had been taking her to therapy for years already. The growth she experienced in a few weeks at Bridges changed her life.


I learned so much about how to help myself. And most importantly, I feel happy again.


I went to Bridges to have a dedicated few weeks to work on myself. I feel safer in life now--less afraid of my illness.