Therapy Groups

Therapy Groups

Dynamic therapy groups provide powerfully enriching experiences that allow you to share, experiment, and draw from the well of collective wisdom from others who share your struggles. Whether open-ended or designed with a specific focus in mind, group therapy can break the isolation you may feel, and show that you are not alone. Groups give people suffering from mental health disorders the chance to explore and learn, receive validation, and express struggles without stigma in a collaborative milieu. They also offer the opportunity to transfer the skills taught in individual therapy to a social environment in a purposeful manner.

At Bridges to Recovery, our therapy groups will play an integral role in supporting you within your total therapeutic program. You will participate in daily group therapy sessions, thoughtfully focused in accordance with your symptoms and situations. We offer a diverse collection of optional group therapies designed and led by experienced clinicians who foster nurturing environments for insight and wellness.

We understand that group therapy can be an intimidating prospect for some clients, so we create a warm, non-judgmental space that makes you feel welcome and respected in order to ensure a rewarding group experience. With a maximum of six clients at each facility at a time, groups are always small and intimate. Within this safe, supportive space, group participants gain perspective, practice new skills, and often find great comfort.

bridges to recovery art therapy

Art Therapy

Through our Art Therapy Group, you are given the tools to articulate these experiences visually in a supportive space. Alternative avenues to emotional expression can be particularly important for clients who have experienced trauma, who struggle with interpersonal function, and those who have difficulty opening up in traditional therapy.

Impulse Control Group

Our Impulse Control Group, to allow you to explore and change your impulsive behaviors in a safe environment with both professional and peer support. Behaviors such as overeating, binging/purging, gambling, and other process addictions are thoughtfully examined.

Process Group

Our Process Group allows you to explore your communication style and social skills in a supportive setting. Through introspective and practical exercises, you are able to identify problematic perspectives and behaviors that stand in the way of mutually beneficial, satisfying social relationships.