Bridges to Recovery is a long-term residential mental health facility with residences in Los Angeles, California. Unlike many mental health facilities, Bridges treatment centers feature a truly home-like environment in which to focus on your recovery. In fact, our treatment centers are, by their very design, luxury homes. We understand that committing to a long-term residential mental health facility is a very big decision, and an investment in living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. And we know that we would much rather take the first steps of that lifelong journey in a beautiful home built on breathtaking grounds than in a sterile, institutional hospital setting.

Whichever mental health concern you are battling, be it depression, anxiety, trauma, a psychotic disorder, eating disorder, or personality disorder, our long-term residential mental health facilities bring together all the elements necessary to help you achieve a more balanced life. All the elements except one, that is – the incomparably important element that is you and your dedication to achieving greatness!

Our Promise

We promise to provide you with unparalleled support, expertise, compassion, and experience – a team of the best and brightest in the mental health field, devoting themselves to you and your growth every day. We provide a safe, healing environment and will work with you to set goals for yourself. We will encourage you to be honest with us and yourself, and inspire you to be passionate about the new life that can and will be yours. There will be good days and days where you may have less motivation – and that is completely natural! But as long as you’re willing to give it your best the next day, we’re confident that your time at Bridges to Recovery will be one of the most important, positive turning stones in your life.

Why a Long-Term Residential Mental Health Facility?

Whether you are battling the effects of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, OCD, compulsive gambling, or another mental health concern, it is essential to dedicate enough time to focus on the primary issue and all the issues that stem from it before diving back into your everyday routine. At a long-term residential mental health facility, you can focus on your treatment without the external pressures and triggers of your everyday life, but remain in a safe home-like environment.

It is also extremely helpful that we are given the necessary time to provide you with a detailed diagnosis, and comprehensive wellness plan when your treatment with us is complete. Many of our clients have been given various diagnoses throughout their lives, some of which conflict with one another, so that they are no longer confident they even understand what they’re dealing with.

While our team will fully evaluate your mental health history, we will also dedicate a great deal of time to providing our own analyses and diagnoses. Unfortunately, many of our clients have not been successful overcoming their psychiatric issues due to a complicated and overburdened mental health system. Those shortcomings end at Bridges to Recovery. We are a luxury mental health facility in every meaning of the word, from the natural beauty of our grounds, to our intimate, home-like setting. Each of Bridges to Recovery’s treatment centers houses a maximum of just 6 clients at a time to ensure we have the essential time and resources to dedicate to you.

Mental Health Rehabilitation Takes Time

We have seen it happen time and again that just when one of our clients thinks they’ve got it all under control, their real progress has only just begun. And when they do stick to their original plan and stay with us for the full duration of their long-term residential treatment plan, they let us know how much they’ve grown since they initially thought they were ready.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

You didn’t get to the mental state you’re experiencing now overnight, and you won’t feel like your best self overnight, either. But if you put in the time, effort, and unrelenting determination to not let your mental disorder hold you back any longer, you WILL get there at Bridges to Recovery. It is our promise to you that our team will stay fully dedicated to you and your treatment plan, bringing their “A game” every day. And we’ll need you to bring that same effort to the table. Progress takes time, but it is so incredibly worth it. This time investment now will serve you for the rest of your life. We didn’t choose the name of our treatment center lightly. It is our promise and our goal to help you build the bridges of recovery; to help you cross over from a life where your mind is limiting you to a life where you have much greater control and understanding of your mental health issues.

Get to Know Yourself Better

Among the most important things you’ll learn at a Bridges to Recovery long-term residential mental health facility is the ability to recognize if your mental clarity or stability start to slip. Once you have a more complete understanding of yourself and how your mind and body operate, you’ll be able to take the wheel and guide yourself back on course before things get too out of balance. This could mean setting up an appointment with your psychiatrist or psychologist to talk through what you’re experiencing. It could also mean a necessary adjustment to medications you might be taking. Life is fluid and the only constant is change, so we can’t guarantee that the detailed wellness plan you leave Bridges to Recovery with will serve you forever. But the lessons you learn about yourself while you’re here will serve you forever, and it is those lessons that will empower you to maintain control of yourself and the direction you take.

“I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.” – Marie Curie

We understand. We understand that taking a hiatus from your everyday life is a gigantic step. We understand that there are countless things and people you will miss during your time in treatment, and that elements of your personal life and professional life will make it very difficult to press the pause button. Maybe you just entered a thrilling new relationship, reconnected with an old friend, or moved to a beautiful new home. Or perhaps, in spite of your mental health concerns, things at work are looking up, and you’re excited to see what’s next. Maybe it’s a series of small things you don’t want to walk away from – a series of the small things that make up the big picture of our lives. We understand that there will always be at least one or two reasons not to choose a long-term residential treatment center. But if you’re reading this, chances are good that you understand there is one hugely important reason that you should. Because you’re worth it.

Contact us Bridges to Recovery today and learn more about how our long-term residential mental health facility program can help you.