Grief and Loss Group

Grief and Loss Group

The loss of a loved one is often a devastating experience that can unmoor anyone, resulting in serious mood disturbances such as depression and complicated bereavement. While grief is a natural part of life, some people find themselves unable to move on from loss and need professional support to heal. Bereavement can also complicate pre-existing mental health disorders, adding new dimensions to your psychological distress that require unique interventions. Whether the result of death, divorce, or break up of a relationship, Bridges to Recovery has a specialized therapy group to help you process and recover from loss and move towards a healthier, more joyful life.

Therapeutic Value

Too often, the distress of loss and bereavement goes unspoken. Many people do not know how to discuss these painful topics, and their avoidance can leave you isolated in your grief, compounding your suffering. In group therapy, you are able to openly express your emotions with others who share your sense of loss and know what you are going through. The rapport you build with your peers can promote deep relief, insight, and re-integration with the world around you, and can be an invaluable part of your therapeutic experience. Our skilled group therapists guide you through explorations of your unique grieving process and support you as you develop the skills to rebuild your life. Benefits of the group therapy dynamic include:

  • Emotional support from peers who understand the effects of loss
  • Permission to grieve openly
  • Gaining a sense of belonging and knowing that you are not alone
  • Exploring ways of honoring your loved one
  • Processing unresolved issues that are extending your grieving process
  • Learning healthy coping skills
  • Developing a renewed sense of purpose as you help others

In a safe, supportive space, the group allows you to investigate and deal with the overwhelming feelings that often accompany loss, without judgment.

Grief and Loss Group Therapy at Bridges to Recovery

At Bridges to Recovery, we recognize the profound impact loss can have on your psychological state, and create customized treatment plans to help you process your grief in effective, respectful ways. The intimate, home-like environment at Bridges allows you to feel comfortable and nurtured as you engage in the group process and develop the understanding and coping mechanisms you need to move forward with your life. Our compassionate therapists use evidence-based techniques to guide you toward insight and acceptance so you can find lasting inner peace. With a maximum of six clients at a time, we are able to offer personalized attention and a sense of community that helps break isolation, integrating you into a healing community. Each group member’s needs are identified and addressed, ensuring that you feel heard, validated, and empowered to take the next steps toward emotional well-being.

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