Creative expression can give you a new language for dealing with emotional issues; through artistic production you are able to give form to your thoughts while engaging in thoughtful, deliberate activity. Pottery therapy can be a particularly effective component of mental health disorder treatment, as it incorporates physical movement and tactile sensation with meditative practice. By creating both decorative and utilitarian objects, you are able to explore your creative needs and gain a sense of mastery over both your body and your psychological state. The process of pottery creation can be deeply relaxing and pleasurable, providing solace from troubling thought patterns and behaviors. The treatment program at Bridges to Recovery offers pottery therapy classes to enhance the therapeutic experience of our clients and teach them new skills to help them move toward increased self-esteem, emotional regulation, and a sense of wholeness.

Pottery Therapy Class at Bridges to Recovery

Whether you are new to pottery or have practiced in the past, Bridges to Recovery provides a welcoming space for you to explore your creativity. You will be introduced to the history of pottery as well as the process of fashioning clay into artwork. With the assistance of experienced facilitators, you are encouraged to listen to your inner self to guide your creative work, and develop confidence in your expressive abilities. You may discover talents you did not know you had and gain a sense of mastery as your technique improves, allowing you to express yourself in new ways. Mindfulness techniques are incorporated throughout the group, helping you stay in the present moment, uncover inner obstacles to healing, and feel a sense of control over of your emotions. The physical and emotional benefits of our pottery therapy can provide great relief when combined with your comprehensive treatment plan, helping you move toward inner peace and fulfillment.

Benefits of Pottery

  • Engages creative energy
  • Encourages self-expression
  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  • Increases mind-body connection and awareness
  • Develops physical dexterity and mastery
  • Promotes a sense of accomplishment
  • Provides respite from intrusive thoughts and emotions

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