Eating Disorder Symptoms and the Holiday Season

Eating disorders are difficult enough to manage on their own. However, when holiday season rolls around, the challenges are only exacerbated. The presence of family members, large amounts of food, and the desire to fit in can impact how you manage your disorder.

The Holiday Pressures

For most, the holidays are a time of celebration and enjoying the company of loved ones. For those with eating disorders, though, emotions are quite different. There is the stress of interacting with family members and communicating about the disorder, internal pressures, comments from family members about your physical appearance, and the pressures of eating in front of people.

Tips for Managing Eating Disorder Symptoms During the Holidays

If you want to enjoy the holidays, it’s important that you develop steps for managing your symptoms this season. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Always go to holiday functions with someone you trust. This person should be familiar with your condition and understand how to provide emotional support.
  • Develop a way of communicating issues with your trustful companion in case you need to step out.
  • If appropriate, bring a dish of your own to holiday events so you can ensure there will at least be one item you can eat.
  • Anticipate potential problems and develop ways of handling or coping with them. People will undoubtedly make snide comments and rude remarks, regardless of whether they are intentional or not.
  • Follow the HALT acronym which says: never let yourself get too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired.
  • Stick to your treatment plan at all costs. Learning to handle yourself in high-pressure situations will help you improve.

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Bridges to Recovery

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