Timeline Group Therapy

Timeline Group Therapy

Having a full, nuanced understanding of your history can be a critical component to moving forward with a feeling of inner peace and resolve. At Bridges to Recovery, we have found that many of our clients struggle with organizing their life experiences in a chronological way, leaving them without a coherent sense of self or a strong foundation from which to grow. Not having a clear picture of your own past can create internal chaos, aggravating the symptoms of your mental health disorder and constructing barriers to recovery. By creating a welcoming, supportive space to explore and chronicle the significant experiences in your life, we guide you to create a meaningful narrative that allows you to move toward healing.

Therapeutic Value

As you identify the life events that have had the most profound effects on you, you can begin to make sense of your personal history, psychological development, and current emotional state. Your lived experiences can deeply affect your thought and behavior patterns, and by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between the past and the present, you develop the insight necessary to make sense of these experiences. Discussing these events and their effects in a supportive, non-judgmental space can provide profound relief and help you to process difficult emotions in a way that releases you from their grip and allows you to move on. As you construct a cohesive narrative, you can feel a sense of order and control over your life, increasing your confidence and ability to take the next steps toward recovery.

Benefits of Timeline Group

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Reconciliation of the past
  • Development of a coherent sense of self
  • Increased understanding of your mental health disorder
  • Enhanced sense of control and wellness

Timeline Group at Bridges to Recovery

The intimate milieu at Bridges to Recovery gives each client the time and space they need to explore their personal histories in a meaningful way. With the guidance of our thoughtful therapists, you can safely investigate painful memories in a supportive, compassionate environment. By working with a small group of peers, you can share your therapeutic process with others who identify with your experiences, and learn from each other as you gain both collective and individual insights. Giving voice to your psychological struggle and difficult life events can be deeply relieving; feeling heard and validated by others is an important part of healing and being able to let go of emotional distress. We have found that our Timeline Group can result in significant self-awareness, and act as a springboard for ongoing personal growth.

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