Comfortable Elegance at Our Los Angeles and San Diego Treatment Homes

Bridges to Recovery offers an intimate, home-like environment where you can envelop yourself in an atmosphere of healing. Located in picturesque Los Angeles and San Diego neighborhoods, our three spacious six-bed homes are perfect settings for safe therapeutic engagement, and offer serene spaces that invite thoughtful introspection. Each location is fully equipped to attend to your needs throughout your stay, from tranquil therapy rooms to delicious meals to private spaces for reflection. Some of our features include:

  • Shared and private rooms
  • Full kitchens with daily, fresh meals prepared by top chefs
  • Snack bars with tea, coffee, and healthy snacks available at all times
  • Comfortable, well-appointed living areas
  • Gardens, patios, and beautiful landscaped yards
  • Full gyms
  • Private therapy rooms
  • Psychiatrists who see clients on site
  • On-site medication management
  • Wi-Fi, laptops, computers, and portable DVD players can be used outside normal treatment hours
  • Superb locations in lovely areas of Los Angeles and San Diego

Our facilities are designed to promote nurturing and provide complete care as you move through your treatment plan. Take a moment to explore our Pacific Palisades, Holmby Hills, and San Diego locations.

Los Angeles: Pacific Palisades

With a warm, relaxed environment, our beautiful Cape Cod-style home creates an oasis in the lush hills of the Pacific Palisades. This charming facility invites you to feel right at home.

Los Angeles: Holmby Hills

Nestled between Bel Air and Beverly Hills, this sprawling, well-appointed one-story home is a place of respite and comfort in a cozy setting amidst rolling hills. The peaceful seclusion offered by Holmby Hills encourages rejuvenation and focus on restoring balance.

San Diego: Mount Helix

Nestled in the beautiful hills of San Diego, just 20 minutes from the coast. Our warm and luxurious accommodations provide what we believe to be the ideal place for healing. This two acre estate is surrounded by beautiful trees and foliage, which offers a private, safe, and serene environment to work on personal improvement.