Rehab for Depression – Rehab for YOU

Chances are good that you’re reading this because you searched “rehab for depression” or a similar phrase. And, in a sense, that is precisely what Bridges to Recovery is – a rehab for depression. We offer a world-class mental health care program at two locations – Pacific Palisades, CA and Holmby Hills, CA – both generously staffed with a highly-educated, respectful, and caring team dedicated to helping our residents through depression, anxiety, trauma, and a wide variety of other mental health conditions. However, what we have found sets us apart from many facilities similar to our own is that we don’t think in terms of treating a condition, rather we treat a person. We are not simply a rehab for depression; we are a rehab for you.

Why Residential Rehab for Depression?

Just as your depression does not define you, neither does it exist separately from you. It is an element of your life that plays a role in everything you think, say and do. You are still a complete person apart from your depression, but that does not change the fact that its influence touches every aspect of your life. It is because of this far-reaching effect that we strongly believe a residential rehab for depression is the best way to tackle your depression head-on and start living the life you want and deserve as quickly as possible.

While it is possible to work through depression outside a residential setting, many of our clients have already tried that and found it quite simply wasn’t enough. While we fully understand that it is very difficult for most people to put their everyday life on hold for a month or more to receive treatment at Bridges to Recovery, a California rehab that gets clients from across the country and from other countries, it is this intensive rehab period that helps you battle depression more thoroughly and quickly than if you tried to chip away at it while also managing everything else in your life. You are then prepared to regain the life you so deserve more quickly than might be possible in an outpatient setting.

What If My Depression is My Spark? – The Danger of Romanticizing Depression

Perhaps because depression becomes such an all-encompassing aspect of one’s life we find that many of our clients give it far more credit than it is due. For those who excel artistically, whether it be in music, writing, design, or any other number of areas, there is a fear that their skills and passion will go away if the depression goes away. Others who are more business-minded often share that the depression feels to them like a natural side-effect of the long hours and stress – the price they must pay, so to speak, for their successes. None of this is true.

At Bridges to Recovery rehab for depression, we will guide you through exploring how these very fears are the handiwork of your depression itself. Depression is a mastermind of trickery, and while it does become a part of you, it is also a parasite. As a parasite it must convince you – its host – to continue feeding it. And in doing so it will often assign credit for all the wonderful thoughts you have, work you do, and things you’ve accomplished, to itself. Rest assured that there is no romance to depression. You are only greater without it, never less. While it is something many of the world’s most talented people have wrestled with or still wrestle with, their depression is not responsible for all they’ve done – they are.

In your time at our rehab for depression you will learn that depression is a disease that can cast a cloud over all your joys, and sign its name to your accomplishments. Depression is an overbearing, unwelcome thief that is by its very nature incapable of being responsible for all the wonderful aspects of who you are and what you do. Never fear that anything good will go when the depression goes, for it is quite the contrary.

You and Bridges to Recovery

Give yourself the gift of enjoying life again – fully and completely. Contact us today for more information about how our unique approach to rehab for depression can help you or your loved one. Life is far too short and far too beautiful to let depression lead the way. Take the first step of many to come on the path back to you by contacting Bridges to Recovery now.