Comfortable Elegance at Our Los Angeles and San Diego Treatment Homes

The residences at Bridges to Recovery offer an intimate, home-like environment where you can envelop yourself in an atmosphere of healing. Located in picturesque Los Angeles and San Diego neighborhoods, our three spacious six-bed homes are perfect settings for safe therapeutic engagement and offer serene spaces that invite thoughtful introspection. While our Los Angeles and San Diego locations have unique attributes and some programming differences, every one of our Bridges to Recovery locations are fully equipped to attend to your needs throughout your stay, from tranquil therapy rooms to delicious meals and private spaces for reflection.

The Treatment You Need, The Environment You Prefer

Experience comfortable elegance at our Joint Commission accredited Los Angeles and San Diego treatment homes.

While all of our Bridges to Recovery locations adhere to and exemplify the standard that we are known for, the subtle differences at our various locations allow us to align with the needs of even more individuals in need of treatment.

Bridges to Recovery: What You Can Count on at Every Location

We understand that even the most simple of details can make a difference, whether it’s a matter of location, therapy focus, therapist, or amenity.

While every Bridges to Recovery location is unique, we can also tell you that there are similarities you can always count on at every location:

  • All of our locations are accredited by the Joint Commission, which sets the standards for quality and safety of patient care.
  • All of our residences are nestled in serene, intimate six-bed home environments
  • Our locations provide a safe, discreet, therapeutic atmosphere for healing and reflection
  • Our highly renowned team of clinicians are experts in the treatment of even the most complex psychiatric disorders. They will employ a unique and effective combination of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and integrative therapy to set you on the path toward successful recovery
  • Because of our maximum milieu of six clients at each location, the staff to client ratio is 2:1 with on-site psychiatric care and medication management

Bridges to Recovery Locations: Amenities

The treatment you receive is of the utmost importance. But we know it’s also important to sometimes understand the comforts you may receive that will aid in your healing. Here are a few of the amenities you can expect at our Bridges to Recovery locations. If an amenity is of particular importance to you, please confirm current availability at your Bridges to Recovery location of choice with one of our admissions counselors.

  • Shared and private rooms
  • Full kitchens with daily, fresh meals prepared by top chefs
  • Snack bars with tea, coffee, and healthy snacks available at all times
  • Comfortable, well-appointed living areas
  • Gardens, patios, and beautiful landscaped yards
  • Full gyms
  • Private therapy rooms
  • Psychiatrists who see clients on site
  • On-site medication management
  • WiFi, laptops, computers, and portable DVD players can be used outside normal treatment hours