Pressure in Paradise: If You’re Overwhelmed in Santa Monica, Consider Nearby Mental Health Treatment

Between the Santa Monica Pier and the wide beaches with beautifully clean ocean air, Santa Monica is the place most people think about when they picture the ideal LA existence. Living on Ocean Avenue within a few steps of the Third Street Promenade might just be every young person’s dream come true, and whether you live north or south of Pico, the amazing mix of eclectic and delicious food options makes any part of this city worth your residence. From Ocean Park to Santa Monica Canyon, easy access to I-10 means you can also see the rest of SoCal whenever you want, as long as you’re willing to deal with the traffic.

Everyone wants to live and work in Santa Monica—which, unfortunately, has led to high volumes of traffic and a sort of sardines-in-a-tin-can effect on population density in the city. This unique combination of pressures makes the reality of everyday life in this perfect picture of Southern California a little less shiny than it seems at first glance. No matter how many times you run the Santa Monica stairs or go rollerblading on the boardwalk, the endorphins you generate might not be enough to combat the loneliness of spending an extended amount of time in your car, dealing with the high competition of “the industry,” or struggling to connect with your over-stressed neighbors.

The pressures of the big city—constant sunshine or no—can be even harder to deal with if you’re one of the many Santa Monica citizens dealing with mental health issues. Mental health is a key concern for a large swath of Santa Monica’s eclectic population—in fact, there are three mental health conferences taking place in the summer of 2017 alone—so know that you’re not alone if you think you might need some extra help to get back on your feet.

Particularly because the fast pace of Santa Monica may be playing an important role in your personal struggle, it may be best for you to seek mental health treatment outside the city. Bridges to Recovery’s two locations in the Palisades and Holmby Hills are just near enough to home to be convenient without being too close to the city, and the tranquility of the tucked-away neighborhoods makes them ideally suited to supporting a peaceful healing process. We specialize in walking our clients through long-term, holistic inpatient psychiatric treatment programs that assist with recovery from a wide variety of mental and co-occurring disorders. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our experienced staff can help you start down the path toward recovery.