Childhood Trauma

Bridges to Recovery offers specialized treatment of childhood trauma-related mental health disorders. Our compassionate, multidisciplinary team of clinicians perform in-depth assessments and evaluations to gain a nuanced picture of your traumatic experiences and how they relate to your emotional, cognitive, and psychosocial development. By understanding how your trauma manifests itself in your everyday life, and the impact it has on your psychological functioning, we can create a carefully tailored treatment program that address your specific symptoms. Through a modern, thoughtfully designed mix of individual psychotherapygroup therapyholistic therapies, and psychotropic therapy, you develop the insight and skills to live a more stable, emotionally rewarding life. We integrate advanced trauma-focused therapies such as Somatic Experiencingand EMDR (when indicated) to offer the most sophisticated treatments available for childhood trauma-related psychological distress, safely processing your experiences and optimizing your healing.

Healing Old Wounds

Traumatic childhood events deeply imprint themselves on our psyche, and their influence can be observed long after the original trauma has passed. While some people suffer immediate devastating effects, for others the full scope of traumatic impact does not emerge until years later. Events such as physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, divorce, witnessing violence, exposure to war or terrorist acts, or experiencing a natural disaster in your formative years can profoundly influence you emotionally, behaviorally, and socially, disrupting your ability to function. The psychological scarring of trauma can manifest in a wide range of mental health disorders, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, mood disorders, dissociative disorders, and anxiety disorders, as well as playing a central role in the development of personality disorders. Left untreated, the traumatic events can come to color your whole world, fracturing your sense of self, isolating you from those around you, and leaving you feeling unable to move forward.

The warm, intimate environment at Bridges to Recovery provides a safe space for you to process your trauma and its effects with the support of compassionate, experienced clinicians and empathetic peers. Our serene facilities offer respite from your everyday life and allow you to focus completely on your healing. With a staff-to-client ratio of 2:1, we can deliver highly individualized care and constant re-evaluation of your treatment plan to ensure that your treatment goals are being met. Because we recognize the importance of maintaining emotional security when dealing with childhood trauma, we offer flexible, responsive care, and can modify therapies to address your needs in a way that is comfortable for you. Our nurturing clinicians, advanced trauma-focused therapies, and holistic approach to healing give you the guidance and tools to free yourself from the damaging effects of trauma, develop resiliency, and engage your innate capacity for personal growth, emotional wellness, and inner tranquility.