Bridges to Recovery

Residential Mental Health Treatment in a Private, Luxury Environment

“The staff was so kind and the house was beautiful. I felt more cared for than at the hospital.”

- Bridges to Recovery Alumnus

The Bridges to Recovery Difference

The quality of our intensive, integrated, residential treatment program allows for relief from suffering, learning new skills, and sustainable change. Many clients make more progress at Bridges to Recovery than in years of outpatient therapy.

Innovative Residential Treatment

We offer a restorative environment in which you receive compassionate care provided by our world-class clinical staff who employ the best therapeutic practices available.

Comprehensive Assessment

You will receive neuro- psychological testing and evaluations, so we get the most accurate diagnosis possible, and address your issues concurrently to achieve lasting change.

The Bridges to Recovery Experience

Our residential facilities are comfortable, private homes in beautiful neighborhoods of Los Angeles—a safe and welcome alternative to a hospital environment.

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Compassionate Psychiatric Treatment in Los Angeles, California

Bridges to Recovery’s premier licensed residential mental health facilities are designed to provide you a comfortable, safe alternative to a hospital environment for your care.

Bridges to Recovery is accredited by The Joint Commission, which sets the standards for quality and safety of patient care.

Questions We Hear From Clients and Families

During residential mental health treatment, clients live full-time at a treatment center for the duration of their program. Bridges to Recovery residential facilities are private homes in the beautiful neighborhoods of Pacific Palisades and Holmby Hills in Los Angeles. Residential treatment can be a welcome alternative to hospitalization, offering a much more comforting, home-like, and familiar day-to-day experience.

Residential care ensures that you will receive the best mental health treatment and support needed for healing. Bridges to Recovery offers both the intensity and duration of care necessary to go beyond immediate stabilization to achieve sustainable change.

Many clients choose residential care at Bridges to Recovery because they haven’t been able to achieve a stable and satisfying life despite their best efforts. This changes after a stay with us. Our treatment program allows for relief from suffering to achieve sustainable change. Many clients make more progress in a few months at Bridges to Recovery than in years of outpatient therapy.

Bridges to Recovery offers specialized care and amenities that create a unique mental health treatment experience for you.

Highlights include:

  • Shared or private accommodation options
  • World-class clinical staff
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Health and wellness focused
  • Joint Commission accreditation

Through our years of practice, we have observed and learned what works best for our clients, and designed a treatment dynamic that is immersive, comfortable, and inclusive. The result is a complete experience to support you as you cultivate a new sense of wholeness, stability, and health.

Our clinical team are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders and co-occurring issues. We employ a unique and effective combination of psychological testing, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and integrative therapies. We recognize that each client is unique, each with different treatment goals and journey ahead. Using information gathered during your initial assessment we combine innovative treatment modalities, group therapy, and holistic therapies to create a truly individualized treatment program you won’t experience in any other program.

We have designed our program to make your stay at Bridges to Recovery purposeful and life-changing. Days are structured to include the best combination of therapies available to help you recover, and are paced to allow for intensity of treatment balanced by time for private reflection and restorative relaxation.

At Bridges to Recovery, we believe that you’re able to do your best therapeutic work when you feel safe, welcome, and at home in your surroundings. Tucked away in scenic neighborhoods of Los Angeles, our beautiful residential treatment homes offer a choice of private and semi-private rooms to suit your needs. You can enjoy our comfortable common areas and lovely outdoor spaces that inspire reflection and a sense of well-being.

With a maximum of six clients per residence, you begin your healing process in an intimate environment with personalized care. You can relax with yoga and massage, enjoy our beautifully landscaped yards and gardens, and savor the gourmet meals prepared by our professional chefs. Use of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are permitted during designated hours so you have the option of keeping on top of business and personal responsibilities. Private suites are available, and we invite pets to stay with you during treatment (private room required), so you can benefit from the support they provide.

Bridges to Recovery is a leader in residential mental health care. We have clients come from all over the country and other parts of the world to get treatment at our California facilities. We provide a world-class, innovative treatment experience and individualized program not found at other residential centers. Getting away from the stresses of everyday living can enable you to focus on your mental health treatment.

  • Our luxurious homes in Los Angeles provide respite, providing a safe, comfortable, home-like environment
  • We have highly credentialed experts with years of experience treating a broad spectrum of mental health disorders
  • All of our clients receive comprehensive neuropsychological testing to make sure we get an accurate diagnosis
  • We collaborate with all your current healthcare providers to make sure we provide the best possible care

Many clients make more progress in a residential mental health treatment stay at Bridges to Recovery than they have in years of outpatient therapy.