Over the past 10 years Bridges to Recovery has developed a unique internationally recognized licensed treatment model to provide an alternative to traditional hospitalization. In a comfortable luxurious residential setting we provide cutting edge mental health treatment using successfully proven methodologies. We provide personalized care that provides the highest quality results for you.

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Our clinical team consists of experienced and committed mental health doctors and professionals who provide highly regarded assessment and treatment. Your personalized team will evaluate your progress and treatment plan daily. In addition they hold weekly team meetings to continually assess and implement effective clinical strategies to help you return to a healthy and productive life.

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Bridges to Recovery offers residential treatment in two beautiful locations around Los Angeles – in the lush hills of the Pacific Palisades, and in the prominent and secluded Beverly Hills. Our treatment takes place in the most luxurious residential facilities to ensure you feel comfortable during the treatment. Our premier accommodations set us apart from all other programs.

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We offer a full range of comprehensive, with individualized programs designed for people seeking treatment for mental health and behavioral health issues. We are licensed by the state of California to treat a variety of mental health disorders. These include Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders and Personality Disorder covering Depression, Bipolar, Borderline and Trauma.

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Our Program

Bridges to Recovery is among the first licensed premier adult residential treatment programs designed and certified by The Department of Mental Health for people suffering from psychiatric disorders. Our residential treatment plan has been specifically designed for those seeking in-depth psychotherapy and a comfortable alternative to a hospital environment or outpatient facility for their Residential mental health care.

Bridges to Recovery is internationally recognized as a leader in Depression, Bipolar, Borderline, Anxiety and Trauma treatment. We employ the most innovate and effective treatment modalities to help you lead the healthiest life possible. Read in-depth information on the mental health disorders we treat.

Our residential treatment centers offer resources to help clients accomplish difficult developmental transitions, establish healthy life patterns, and enhance their sense of well-being. Our interventions are based on a whole-person care model of emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

With luxurious elements, such as a private chef, yoga sessions, acupuncture and beautiful properties, have been provided to help you relax and feel comfortable while working with the underlying issues causing your pain. The duration of our program is 4- 6 weeks depending on the specific needs.

12 Years as a Licensed Facility

For over 12 years, Bridges to Recovery has led the way for residential treatment programs nationwide. When selecting a program, it’s critical to consider the credibility and proven effectiveness of the program. Choosing the right program to help you heal is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Not only is it a financial commitment, but you want to select a program that has shown the ability, desire and capability of helping you.

Bridges to Recovery has provided licensed residential treatment to hundreds of clients suffering from behavioral and mental health disorders over the past 10 years. Our clinical teams are some of the most experienced and qualified in the world. If anyone can help you in this time of need, we can. There are residential programs online presenting themselves as licensed when they are not. Some of these unlicensed programs are here one day and gone the next. We encourage you to consider programs that have a proven track record of success, so you get the most of your experience.

We honor Terry Eagan as our Founding Medical Director. His vision focused on providing residential mental health treatment to our community through a program that enables people to develop carefully constructed ‘road maps’ for healthier and more productive lives. Throughout the healing process you will be empowered and motivated to succeed in achieving a healthy and positive life.

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Trevor Small, Psy. D.
Clinical Director and Psychologist

Highly Respected and Experienced Clinical Team

Bridges to Recovery has attracted highly respected licensed and credentialed clinicians from influential resources such as UCLA, Pepperdine University and leading psychoanalytic institutions. Our primary therapists have either leadership positions or are supervising at these internationally renowned psychoanalytic institutions.

Your multidisciplinary treatment team will be carefully selected when you are admitted to the facility. It is crucial that there is a good fit between your needs and the expertise of the clinical team. As a client, you will have an entire mental health treatment team devoted to your care during the treatment.

As mental health treatment experts our clinical team is often represented in the media. Clinical Director Dr. Trevor Small describes how 9/11 left permanent scars on the American psyche. Get to know our complete clinical staff team.

Your Personal Journey to Treatment

Everyone faces challenges in their life and typically muddle their way through it. This approach – also known as the pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps method favored by many rough-and-tough folks – may help ease a number of developmental transitions, inconveniences and unexpected turns in life. However, there are many important life situations where this approach simply does not provide a healthy solution.

Thoughts of depression and anxiety can easily become overwhelming. People often turn to numbing, unhealthy behaviors to achieve a moment of peace. Unfortunately, continued unhealthy behaviors can compound the problem and lead to dangerous results. Many people find themselves in serious trouble before they realize there is an issue. By this time, the behaviors have often taken over and the person feels powerless to control them. Mental health disorders and addiction does not discriminate.

At some point, the most important decision becomes how to treat yourself or a loved one. There a different types of treatment and different mediums to receive that treatment. Some of the options include outpatient, hospitals, or residential treatment.

Determining what type of treatment fits your personal needs is a critical key to moving towards a healthy life. It can be daunting and overwhelming task. You should be commended for making it this far. It shows you are open and willing to look for a solution. The details of each type of program are readily available on the internet. Do research and take the time to make the best decision for you. Below find a brief description of the different types of treatment.

Outpatient treatment is what most people think of when they think of therapy. Going to see a “shrink”, therapist, counselor, psychologist – they’re all essentially the same in that they provide a safe space to discuss and examine your experiences, feelings and offer direction to help you more appropriately deal with them.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is for people who don’t quite need residential treatment, but require more intensive care than an outpatient treatment provider can offer. An IOP can employ a variety of therapy forms, including group and individual therapy, as well as specialized therapies, such as art or equine therapy and yoga or meditation. An IOP is typically anywhere from two to five days a week.

Residential Treatment is the most intensive treatment available. You take residence in a comfortable and often luxurious home. You have a clinical team whose only goal is to help you get healthy. Residential treatment treats a variety of disorders, addictions and conditions. Residential treatment centers often specialize in a type of treatment such as Mental Health, Alcohol, Sexual Addiction, etc.

In a residential treatment center, you take a break from the normal routine of your life and physically move to safe setting that is calm and focused on healing for the duration of your stay. Therapeutic staff members bring a great deal of experience and compassion to their work, understanding how difficult it can be to be separated from family and friends while being challenged to face the very things you’ve been desperately trying to escape. Days are structured and flow from group therapy sessions to quiet reflection times to expertly cooked meals to professionally led yoga classes. By removing yourself from your normal life, you get a different – and often healthier – perspective. Which provides you with the tools for long-term healing, in order to return you to a healthier and more productive life.

There’s no shame in getting to a point where you are in over your head and simply cannot find your way out. The lifeline of Bridges to Recovery is just a phone call away. Don’t suffer a minute longer – seek help for yourself, or those you love. Feel free to continue reading more about our programs and treatment philosophy. You can call us at 1-866-669-5655.